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CyberPi - Quick Start Guide


This video shows you the first look of Makeblock Education CyberPi product.

Designed for every student to learn about Computer Science and STEAM. CyberPi is a single-board computer fully packed with advanced electronic sensors, actuators and communication modules. It is one of the best tools for teaching Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Networks and the Internet of Things. The device is powerful, yet affordable and suitable for every classroom. In combination with our impressive mBlock coding editor, it supports Block-based coding language and the text-based programming language Python. Using CyberPi’s Pocket Shield it can connect to a lot of third party electronic components, making it suitable for various classroom settings and learning scenarios.

Learn more about CyberPi: https://education.makeblock.com/cyberpi-go-kit/

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Makeblock mBot Neo Coding Robot for Kids, Scratch and Python Programming, IoT, AI Technology Support


Ascento 2

Stay tuned for more! Find out more about Project Ascento on our website: https://www.ascento.ethz.ch And follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ascentoethz A short project trailer showing what our robot is capable of! (February 2020) Features include: - adaptive legs - off-road capability - robust stabilisation - curve leaning - fall recovery - jump on spot - jump on a step - drive down a step Track: Percussion Show — Igor Khainskyi

Juego Scratch 3.0 Plataformas.

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