UBTECH Alpha 2's Amazing Actions

UBTECH's Alpha 2 humanoid robot is designed as an interactive family companion capable of accomplishing a range of typical household tasks. Alpha 2 stands 17 inches tall, is 9 inches wide and weighs about 5 lb. Alpha 2 can take pictures and videos, make calls, check voice mails, read and send texts and emails, and control WiFi-enabled office equipment. Alpha 2 can also post to your social media accounts using voice commands.

Alpha 2, which is programmable and runs on an open-source OS, is connected to the cloud and leverages intelligent voice and perceptual systems to receive commands and execute corresponding behaviors. The robot is capable of simultaneous interpretation, voice search, visual interaction and providing verbal reminders.

Unlike some of the other companion robots set to hit the market, such as Jibo and Buddy, Alpha 2 actually has legs to move around. Alpha 2 has 20 servo motors that bend its joints, helping the robot be your personal dance partner, DJ, singer, yoga and workout instructor and more.

Alpha 2, which can operate for “more than 1 hour” per charge, can also tutor children and entertain pets, remind you to take medication and will integrate with smart appliances like lights, locks, and security systems.

Alpha 2 is compatible with both iOS and Android systems for remote communication and control. UBTECH is also supporting the developer community with Voice Apps (VAPPs) that you’ll be able to purchase from the Alpha Store, which should be up and running around the time of the first Alpha 2 deliveries. Developers will be able to submit skills or applications for certification in advance.

Alpha 2 will come with 16GB local storage, and there’s no need to back-up your data since the robot is connected to the cloud. UBTECH says Alpha 2 uses MySQL encryption to secure personal data sent to and from the cloud.


* Built-in intelligent voice system, voice chatting capability, simultaneous interpretation, voice search, voice relay, gives verbal
reminders and receives verbal direction capabilities.
* Cloud services platform, open interface and application platform, supporting VAPP application development to fulfill more of the
customer's needs
VAPP: Through AAP's voice commands and voice transfer, Alpha 2 receives vocal information and can carry out actions
* Built-in infrared sensor, ultrasonic sensor, touch sensor, gesture sensor, acceleration sensor,etc.,offering a brand new kind of
interaction between human and computer
8 Million-pixel camera, auto-focus, built-in powerful visual computing systems and smart technologies


A: Body features
* Dimension: 437*228*122mm (L*W*D)
* Degree of freedom: 20 degrees of freedom
* Material: Aluminum alloy, PC+ABS housing

B: Multimedia
* Speaker: 3W stereo sperker

C: Configuration
* Processor: Samsung Exynos 5260 six core processor
* Ram: 2GB DDR3
* Storage: 16gb
* System: Android 4.4
* Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh
* Control method: User's self-programming control(mobile phone APP control or voice control)
* Lighting effects: Eye RGB tricolor LED, ear LED lighting, hand light, chest button tricolor LED
* Commissioning and download prot: USB or WiFi
* Protection design: Over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, power detection promps
* Internal sensor: Triaxial acceleration sensor, touch sensors, sonar sensors, pressure sensors on hands
* Communication: WiFi
* DC Adapter: 14V 3.5A

D: Programming software
* 3D visual PC software for complete beginners and advanced programmer
* Supporting VAPP application development to fulfill more of the customer's needs

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