Omnidirectional Bipedal Walking with Direct Fused Angle Feedback Mechanisms

The video illustrates the approach of Philipp Allgeuer and Sven Behnke: "Omnidirectional Bipedal Walking with Direct
Fused Angle Feedback Mechanisms"
Accepted for IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids), Cancun, Mexico, December 2016.

Abstract—An omnidirectional closed-loop gait based on the
direct feedback of orientation deviation estimates is presented
in this paper. At the core of the gait is an open-loop central
pattern generator. The orientation feedback is derived from
a 3D nonlinear attitude estimator, and split into the relevant
angular deviations in the sagittal and lateral planes using the
concept of fused angles. These angular deviations from expected
are used by a number of independent feedback mechanisms,
including one that controls timing, to perform stabilising
corrective actions. The tuning of the feedback mechanisms
is discussed, including an LQR-based approach for tuning
the transient sagittal response. The actuator control scheme
and robot pose representations in use are also addressed.
Experimental results on an igusr Humanoid Open Platform
demonstrate the core concept of this paper, that if the sensor
management and feedback chains are carefully constructed,
comparatively simple model-free and robot-agnostic feedback
mechanisms can successfully stabilise a generic bipedal gait.

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