Cruzr: a Cloud-Based Intelligent Humanoid Service Robot

Publicado el 11 ene. 2017
Cruzr is the first customized service robot adaptable to a variety of business needs, optimizing human resources and improving work efficiency. Cruzr provides a new generation of service for a variety of industrial applications and domestic environments. Offering user-friendly, humanlike interaction, Cruzr provides customized AI business services. Each of its robotic platforms can be configured for a wide range of applications to a company’s specific needs for safe and easy access to virtually endless resources.

"Cruzr’s mission is to improve your business, collaboration and overall quality of life,” said John Rhee, General Manager, North America, UBTECH. “With Cruzr, companies can better attend to their customers’ needs, while allowing human teams to focus on more complex issues requiring human interaction. Ultimately, Cruzr enables companies to spend more time making smarter business decisions."
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