Nuevos robots de Samsung Bot Care Review CES 2019

Samsung Bot Care Review CES 2019 for Health, Air & Business of this robotic line-up. Hub: Subscribe for More! #SamsungBot Care review round-up of the various bots from this special line-up of robots I was given a tour on. It's an interesting off-section available at CES 2019. The Samsung Bot line-up as a solution for general health, air purification and business. This is just a review of what's present within their future robotics and AI capabilities. It's unknown when these will arrive, or if they'll change. This is a really neat conceptual look at what robots at home will be like and what they can do. At the start I go over the general options present and a showcase of what they can do. This features voice over of the tour, it might be a bit loud as CES 2019 is a busy place. I then just include the general start of the tour as they describe, in full details the general functionality that they're including for the Samsung Bot. I tried to selfie with it, the robot was wondering what I was doing, forgot to overlay the image.

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